Helen's art tutorials

Helen has series of 30 short YouTube video tutorials on various aspects of botanical, watercolour and landscape watercolour painting as well as a gallery of Botanical, Bird & Landscape paintings. Enjoy.

Helen's eucalyptus leaf painting tip 7

Helen gives a detailed tutorial on painting a eucalyptus leaf using watercolour paints. 

Helen's botanical E ficifolia tip 12

Helen gives a botanical painting lesson using Eucalyptus ficifolia as the botanical subject. The Eucalypt flowers require a pink undercoat to achieve the luminosity they exhibit in the wild.

Making Ochre paints tip 19

Using soil and weathered rock from roadside cuttings, Helen makes an Ochre watercolour paint. She grinds the weathered rock in a pestle and mortar, adds water, gum arabic and glycerine to create a water based ochre paint