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2017 News archive

Helen's botanical & watercolour art courses for 2017

4-Jan-17: Its a hot start to the new year here in Australia. Helen is having a BIG clean out of her studio. Long overdue. Then some more gardening, catching up with friends before the start of Februrary when another teaching year begins.

6-Mar-17: The artistic year is in full swing. Helen has begun her monthly painting workshops in Bungendore and has been busily painting for Sydney Botanica 2017. The weather seems to be cooling down slowly as we enter Autumn.

6-Apr-17: Helen now has two workshops planned for 2017. The first is a 4 day Botanical workshop in April and the second a Painting Birds workshop in September (dates pending). The glorious colours of Autumn are just beginning to show.

15-Jun-17: We have had a glorious calm Autumn and the colours were stunning right into early June. Helen has moved her studio from our house to a purpose built sunny studio shack on our rural property.

News 5-Sep-17: Winter still lingers with snow flurries and -3C windchill. After 21 years in our present abode and 40 years living on rural acres we are downsizing  to a lovely 1940s mini house in an older part of Queanbeyan. We will be adding on a studio for Helen. Also, after teaching art in Bungendore for 25 plus years Helen has decided its time to retire from her regular monthly classes at the end of this year. She will give the occasional 4 day workshop on Birds and Botanical painting in Bungendore and Bowral.

Helen's botanical & watercolour art courses for 2017

Botanical Illustration 4 day workshop           18 - 21 April 2017

Painting Birds workshop                               2 - 5 October 2017

Monthly Botanical and watercolour workshops

2016 News archive

Helen's botanical & watercolour art courses for 2016

Botanical Illustration 5 day workshop    18 - 22 April 

Painting Birds in Watercolour 5 day workshop    3 - 7 October

A relaxed approach to Botanical Illustration, Bowral weekend   29 - 30 October

Holiday Sketch book - one day workshop   Sunday 27-November. Contact Helen directly

Monthly Botanical and watercolour workshops

22-Jan-16: Helen is also painting for Sydney Botanica 2016. You can view some of these paintings in her most recent paintings gallery.

12-Jan-16: Its been a very hot summer so far and Helen has been sheltering in her studio during the heat of the day (35C +) only venturing out into the garden very early in the morning and late in the evening. Helen has booked the Bungendore school of Arts for two 5 day painting workshops in April & July this year. 

27-Apr-16: Helen’s Botanical illustration 5 day workshop was well attended and everyone enjoyed their 5 days of botanical painting. Helen has also been painting some commissions and topping up her gallery area in the Bungendore Woodworks Gallery.

1-Sep-16: Helen’s popular 5 day Bird painting in watercolour workshop will be on again this year in October. It is filling fast. So book early for this popular workshop. Helen is also giving a weekend workshop on Botanical Illustration in Bowral in October. 

1-Oct-16: Helen’s popular 5 day Bird painting in watercolour workshop will be on again this year in October. It is now full. Helen is also giving a weekend workshop on Botanical Illustration in Bowral on 29-30 October in Bowral NSW. 

7-Oct-16: Helen is holding a one day Holiday Sketching workshop in Gundaroo, NSW (40 minutes North of Canberra) on Sunday 27th November. If you’d like to attend contact Helen directly. The workshop fee is A$110.

1-Dec-16: The Holiday sketchbook painting dworkshop in Gundaroo was a great success. Gundaroo has a number of old houses from last century that are a joy to sketch and paint.

22-Dec-16: Merry Christmas & a happy New Year to everyone.

2015 news archive

Helen's botanical & watercolour art courses for 2015

Botanical Illustration, 5 day workshop           13 - 17 April, 2015

Exploring watercolour, weekend workshop   16 - 17 May, 2015

Painting Birds, 5 day workshop           21 - 25 September, 2015

17-Apr-15: Its been a busy 2015 for Helen. Lots of renovations, gardening and building a new Studio. Thus not much painting so far except for Sydney Botanica. Mind you that didn’t stop her students hanging 90 paintings at the Tuggeranong Hyperdome pop up shop for a month till the end of April. Today is the last day of her Botanical Illustration workshop which was very well attended. Also, Helen will be teaching a Painting Birds weekend workshop in September 2015.

12-Jun-15: Helen will be teaching a 5 day Painting Birds weekend workshop in September 2015. Its always a popular course so book in early. She is also back in her studio painting which pleases her immensley after months of work around the house.

28-Sep-15: Helen has been commissioned to create another wildflowers of the local region painting by a Canberrian. This morning, out in the back paddocks, these wildflowers are having a bumper year.

11-Sep-15: Helen has returned from a long overdue 10 week camping trip around Australia. She has seen loads of fantastic scenery, amazing flowers and lots of rare birds. So its back to the studio with her scetch books to create more wonderful paintings. She has also started teaching her monthly workshops again and the Bird workshop is approaching.

2014 news archive

Helen's botanical & watercolour art courses for 2014 - completed

Botanical Illustration       12 - 15 April

Painting Birds                 10 - 11 May 

Portrait painting              17 - 18 May

Holiday sketchbook        24 - 25 May

Landscape painting        31 May - 1 Jun

Watercolour techniques  7 - 11 July

Exploring watercolour - weekend workshop  11-12 Oct

Painting Birds - weekend workshop  15 - 16 Nov

13-Jan-14: Helen has just released a new painting DVD, Landscape painting volume 1 in watercolours. Helen paints the Australian outback in 5 different locations. Three of the painting demonstrations are located in and around iconic Birdsville in Australia’s red dry centre. Watch the promo video for this new DVD.

6-Mar-14: The years teaching program has begun with Helen’s regular monthly master classes at the Bungendore School of Arts. Helen has begun painting in ernest for Sydney Botanica 2014, WABA exhibition and Canberra Botanical. Full steam ahead.

14-Apr-14: The four day Botanical workshop has just started and everyone is working away on wonderful autumn colours from the surrounding trees and parks in Bungendore. Everyone painted enthusiastically and enjoyed themselves immensely.

5-Jun-14: The group exhibition “Feathery things” at the Bungendore Woodworks Gallery is doing well. Helen has nearly finished all her May teaching and is back at her easel.

4-Jul-14: DVD orders from Helen’s website are temporaily disabled as our e-commerce gateway is not functional. We will implement a new e-commerce gateway and be back ready for online orders in two weeks (18-July). Thankyou for your patience.

12-Jul-14: DVD orders from Helen’s website are now back online with our new Australian e-commerce gateway EziMerchant. Thankyou for your patience.

25-Jul-14: Helen is painting again and planning some more teaching weekends for the Spring. Also note our END of JULY DVDs sale - 20% off all DVDs till the end of July 2014.

2-Sep-14: Helen is painting again and has 2 more more teaching weekends ready for  Spring.

22-Sep-14: Good news, Helen’s DVDs are now available for sale from her website using Credit cards via Paypal.

18-Nov-14: Helen has finished teaching for the year. Time for some painting in the studio and time in the garden.

2013 news archive

Helen's botanical & watercolour art courses for 2013 - completed

Watercolour 5 day workshop                        7 - 11 Jan

Botanical Illustration 5 day workshop          14 - 18 Jan

Watercolour 5 day workshop                        8 - 12 July

Portrait painting                                          27 - 28 July

Painting Birds in watercolour                      26 - 27 October

Holiday sketchbook via ANU CCE             16 - 17 November

6-Feb-13: Helen’s is now madly painting for her 7th solo exhibition at the Bungendore Wood Works Gallery, 4-May till 9-June 2013. 

13-Feb-13: Keep up with Helen’s exhibition painting via her Twitter feed. 

6-Mar-13: The Hon. Steve Whan MLC has enthusiastically accepted Helen’s invitation to open her 7th solo Bungendore exhibition on Sunday 5th May at 11am. All are welcome so come along to the opening.

4-Apr-13: Helen is in the final few weeks of painting. So far 55 paintings are ready and she is heading towards 70 for the opening.

12-Apr-13: Helen has a new Pinterest board containing a selection of paintings from her exhibitions. Helen has today completed 67 paintings. Maybe its time to stop.

15-Apr-13: At last Helen has stopped painting (for the moment). 67 paintings are ready for the exhibition. View a preview.

3-May-13: Hooray we have delivered the 67 carefully rapped paintings to the Bungendore Wood works gallery. Stan the gallery man is hanging them all today. Nearly there.

5-May-13: Helen’s 7th solo exhibition at the Bungendore Woodworks gallery opened on Sunday 5th May at 11am (view a preview). It was opened enthusiastically by local member Steve Whan MLC. A very good crowd enjoyed a great opening and Helen sold a third of her paintings on the opening. The exhibition continues until 9-June. 

6-Jun-13: Helen's 7th solo exhibition at the Bungendore Wood Works gallery has sold well with more than half sold. The exhibition has been extended by two weeks until 23-Jun-13. 

2-Jul-13: Here is Helen's new website.  We hope you'll enjoy it.

23-Aug-13: There are still some places available in Helen's October Bird Painting weekend workshop. Contact Helen to secure your place.

21-Aug-13: For Sale catalogues of Bird, Landscape and Flora paintings are now available. Contact Helen directly to acquire any of these excellent paintings.

10-Jul-13: Volume 4 of Helen's Botanical Illustration DVD series been released.

17-Oct-13: Helen's October Bird Painting weekend workshop is fully subscribed. Helen now has a waiting list for a second Bird painting workshop to be held in autumn 2014. Watch this page later in the year for details.

Exhibitions: Helen has submitted paintings to the Melbourne Botanic Gardens Exhibition, Oct 2013 and Canberra Botanical, Sep 2013.

29-Oct-13: Helen's October Bird Painting weekend workshop was fully subscribed. Helen now has a waiting list for a second Bird painting workshop to be held in autumn 2014. Next week Helen will be attending a workshop as a student for a change with Lyn Dieffenbach in Jindabyne. Following this will be her annual Botanical field trip to Lockhart with her students to paint eucalypts from the Lockhart arboretum.

28-Nov-13: Helen's annual Botanical field trip to Lockhart NSW with her students to paint eucalypts from the Galore Hill arboretum was enjoyable as usual. The E. macrocarpa were all blooming wonderfully.

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